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Taking care of you hair SINCE 1969

Founded by Mario Gardini over 50 years ago in Bologna, Italy, GAMA Italy Professional is a premier hair care company, renowned for its innovative technology and cutting-edge hair and beauty products that fulfill and exceed the everyday needs of consumers and salon professionals.


In GAMA 1969 it launch of the first ever-commercial straightener in the world. And since its origin, has continued to be a trusted Italian brand in the hair, beauty and technology sectors, thanks to its supreme craftsmanship, heritage, product design and development.


Always keeping novel technology at the forefront, GAMA prides itself on providing unparalleled hair product solutions for both men and women. From hair straighteners and dryers to curling irons, trimmers and more, GAMA products are designed and manufactured based on decades-long profound market knowledge and continuous dialogue with industry experts. GAMA’s prowess in the hair care industry, coupled with its Italian artisanship and top-of-the-line design, satisfies the needs of the most demanding professionals, while also catering to everyday consumer needs.


Over the years, continuous research in the field of hair-care has led to the design of groundbreaking technologies and practical features that make it easy and comfortable to achieve even the most elaborate hairstyles, while also maintaining and improving your hair’s health. From hair straighteners to hair dryers, curling irons to accessories, hair nourishing products to the men’s clippers, trimmers and more, GAMA prides itself on leading hair product solutions for everyone.


Today the brand is present in over 50 countries worldwide, with main headquarters in San Pietro in Casale (BO) and four production sites divided between Brazil, Argentina, Italy and China.

Currently, GAMA is in the process of building a new state-of-the-art, ECO/Green factory in Italy that will be fully functioning by early autumn 2021. This ultramodern factory will be 100% solar-powered, fossil fuel free and will have extra insulation that will help produce a surplus of renewable energy that will be introduced back into the Italian National Electric Grid to give back to the environment.


Develop, produce and distribute high-quality beauty, health and personal care technological tools to cater to the needs of the most demanding professionals and consumers.


To be the brand-of-choice in all the markets we are present in. To continue being at the forefront of the developments of technologies that protect hair from damage, enhance the hair and scalp’s health and make the user experience easy and unforgettable to all our clients.


We have passion for what we do. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled hair solutions for men and women in the professional and consumer markets thanks to decades-long profound market knowledge, a focus research and development in continuous dialogue with industry experts.

HISTORY OF Gama Professional
  • MA Italy was founded in 1969 in Bologna, Italy.
  • MA launched the first ever commercial professional hair straightener. Called Number 110.
  • In a short period of time, due to the quality and performance superiority of its products, the brand became an undisputed benchmark of the market.
  • GAMA was acquired by the Duna Group and since then has been growing consistently, becoming a global company with strong presence in Latin America and Europe.
  • Launches the exclusive Quick Heat System, which allows the straighteners to reach working temperatures in a couple minutes.
  • Launches its best- seller, the iconic CP1 straightener.
  • GAMA launches the Ion Plus technology, that constantly emits up to 80% more ions than any other ionic system.This technology allows you to fully enjoy the health consequences of a constant high emission of natural negative ions, which neutralize frizz and promote hair regeneration, resulting in a shinier and healthier appearance. The system is immediately activated as soon as the straightener is switched on, you will be able to hear a pleasant purring caused by the high quantity of ions emitted.
  • The CP1 straightener becomes the first straightener in the market to emit negative ions, for frizz-free, moist and shiny looking hair.
  • GAMA presents the Tourmaline heating plate straighteners. The material becomes the go-to option for damaged hair as it helps provide moisture and enhance shine.
  • GAMA presents its revolutionary Halogen hairdryer, that produces far infra-red heat, that dries the hair evenly and safely from the inside out, closing the hair cuticles and leaving your hair looking healthier and frizz-free.
  • GAMA launches Nano Silver technology They coat the heating plates nano-silver particles that have an amazing antibacterial effect.
  • GAMA launches the patented IHT or Instant Heat Technology, the most revolutionary technology in the hair straightener world. This patented tech allows the heating plates to heat up instantly, evenly and constantly. It allows reaching working temperature in just seconds, while also preventing the hair damage that results from thermal stress. It also marks the first time a straightener is able to reach 446°F, turning IHT straighteners into the fastest and hottest in the market and making them the best choice for chemical treatments and difficult hair.
  • GAMA’s IHT wins industry awards all over the world.

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  • Since 2011, its R&D focus shifts from performance to hair-care and hair health. technological advances
  • GAMA launches Titanium Ion heating plates. This super light yet durable material, that heats up faster, applies higher temperatures more evenly. Ideal for chemical treatments as it is extremely resistant, even when exposed to extremely high temperatures and acids. Ideal for treating very thick, curly or difficult hair.
  • GAMA launches 3D Therapy, its specialized anti-frizz range that combines the benefits fo tourmaline with Ion Plus technology, providing 3 key benefits for your hair: neutralizing frizz, making the hair look shinier and boosting molecule reconstruction.
  • GAMA launches Ozone-ion technology. «PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016»winner in the category “Beauty”, it acts as a strong antibacterial and anti-mycotic agent that purifies the hair and scalp. Physical and chemical lab tests showed that most microorganisms originally present in the hair had almost completely disappeared after exposure to the technology. It provides two very important benefits to your hair: anti-ageing effect and reconstruction. The end-result will be regenerated, stronger and healthier hair from the roots to the tips
  • GAMA launches 4D Therapy range, which combines theextraordinary youth boosting properties of Ozone with the benefits Ion-Plus Technologies, providing four key benefits: younger looking, healthier, shinier and no-frizz hair. The Ozone acts like a powerful anti-bacterial agent; it purifies the scalp and boosts oxygenation by eliminating grease and impurities that may clog your scalp’s pores, facilitating and improving the hair’s natural oxygenation. Ions help to reconstruct the hair, eliminating frizz and leaving it looking shiny & beautiful. The combined action of both technologies has a genuine youth-boosting effect on the hair leaving it stronger, more supple, full of life and shinier from the roots to the tips.
  • GAMA launches 5D Therapy Thanks to the combined action of Ion-Plus Technology, Active Ozone and Far-Infrared Heat,the innovative range has five guaranteed beneficial effects on the hair: hair reconstruction and protection, anti-age effect, anti-frizz & extra shine. Their combined action results in longer-lasting and brighter color, with and hair fiber reconstruction and promotion of shinier hair.
  • GAMA has always had a presence in the male grooming market, but since 2018 it has started with a more aggressive approach in product and technology development and expansion of its male grooming and barber lines.
  • GA.MA always had a presence in the male market, but since 2018 it is facing
  • GAMA launches groundbreaking technologies like:
    • Its exclusive System C Technology, a unique GAMA patented system that ensures a longer lifecycle and the users’ total safetywhen working with a hair dryer for prolonged periods. It guarantees consistent performance, maximum power and energy saving by controlling the temperature, airflow and energy absorbed, adapting them to the actual hair dryer’s condition and the hair’s needs. Moreover, the technology will immediately turn off the device, should the internal cone of the hair dryer become obstructed, protecting the user and increasing the hairdryer’s lifecycle by avoiding harmful and dangerous thermal stress.
    • Oxy-Active Technology, that emits Active Oxygen, which acts like a potent anti-bacterial, protecting the scalp and hair from the harmful action of external agents-like UV rays & atmospheric pollutantswhile also sealing the hair cuticles and allowing a longer duration of color treatments. The technology neutralizes the negative effects of the combined action of ammonia and oxygen used to color hair, which can over time, alter its structure opening the hair cuticles and allowing free radicals to damage the hair. The end-result is healthy, shiny, elastic hair with a deep cleansing of the scalp

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  • GAMA introduces the iQ perfetto to the professional world. The dryer revolutionized the hairdryer market, redefining the concept of hairdryers, ending the idea that a hairdryer with a professional performance has to be bulky and heavy and adding avant-guard technological features no other hairdryer had had before, like Autodiagnostics system, Venturi Effect, Autoclean function, among others.
  • GAMA enters the American professional market with the iQ perfetto.
  • GAMA launches the Gama Barber Series or GBS Line, inspired by the most exclusive barber shop and the latest trends. It is an extremely versatileand elegant line, with a super stylish design, fitted out with state-of-the-art technologies and materials in order to allow the highest quality professional cutting, trimming & finishing, with maximum precision and durability, always up-to-date with the latest style trends.
  • GAMA enters the American consumer Market and expands the iQ perfetto line introducing the iQ Black.
  • Gama introduces the premium G-EVO hair straightener line. In honor of its origins this line introduces two innovative concepts:
    • Ultra Heat technology: that allows the straighteners to reach working temperature of 482°F instantly and evenly. Ideal for chemical treatments that require high-temperatures and difficult hair.
    • 100% Ceramic plates, treated with a vitrified covering that makes the otherwise delicate material more durable, impermeable to chemical treatments and makes the plates slide effortlessly on the hair.