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5D Therapy

The 5D Therapy technology range has GAMA Professional’s top-of-the line technologies. Thanks to the combined action of Ion-Plus Technology, Active Ozone and Far-Infrared Heat, the innovative range has five guaranteed beneficial effects on the hair: hair reconstruction and protection, anti-age effect, anti-frizz & extra shine.

When the hair is not protected from external agents, free radicals reduce the molecules that provide the vibrancy of the color, protect the hair from oxidation and prevent the reduction of the hair’s natural shine. Ozone has anti-bacterial properties that protect the hair environmental agents, purifying and rejuvenating it and helping fixate color treatments; the negative ions rebuild your hair, leaving it looking shiny and frizz free; while the far infra-red heat emitted from the hair dryer’s halogen technology and the tourmaline plates on the straighteners, penetrates directly inside the hair, drying it from the inside out, while protecting its cuticles and guaranteeing maximum hair protection from all external agents and stress factors. Their combined action results in the new Color Protect effect, a longer-lasting and brighter color, with and hair fiber reconstruction and promotion of shinier hair.

Its focus on innovation, technology, fashion and beauty trends has positioned GAMA as a brand whose products fulfill and exceed the everyday needs of salon activity, satisfying the most demanding professionals, while also catering to the everyday consumer.

Today the brand is present in over 50 countries worldwide, with main headquarters in San Pietro in Casale (BO) and four production sites divided between Brazil, Argentina, Italy and China.

4D Therapy

GAMA Professional’s 4D Therapy’s Ozone Ion Technology combines the extraordinary youth boosting properties of Ozone with the benefits Ion-Plus Technologies, providing four key benefits: younger looking, healthier, shinier and no-frizz hair.

The Ozone acts like a powerful anti-bacterial agent; it purifies the scalp and boosts oxygenation by eliminating grease and impurities that may clog your scalp’s pores, facilitating and improving the hair’s natural oxygenation. Ions help to reconstruct the hair, eliminating frizz and leaving it looking shiny & beautiful.

The combined action of both technologies has a genuine youth-boosting effect on the hair leaving it stronger, more supple, full of life and shinier from the roots to the tips.

3D Therapy

GAMA’s 3D Therapy Technology is GAMA’s specialized anti-frizz range. With the combination of Tourmaline and Ion Plus Technology, it provides three key benefits to help your hair look fabulous: neutralizing frizz, making your hair shinier and boosting molecule reconstruction.

The 3D Therapy range combines the revolutionary Ion Plus Technology with the benefits of Tourmaline to solve the problem of frizzy hair. The Ion Plus Technology releases 80% more ions than traditional technologies, promoting the restoration of the hair’s molecular structure, closing the hair cuticles and giving it back its natural moisture, while helping repair your hair fibers and enhancing its shine and flexibility.

Ozone-Ion Technology

«PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016» winner in the category “Beauty”. GAMA Ozone-Ion’s technology acts as a strong antibacterial and anti-mycotic agent that purifies the hair and scalp. Physical and chemical lab tests showed that most microorganisms originally present in the hair had almost completely disappeared after exposure to the technology. It provides two very important benefits to your hair: anti-ageing effect and reconstruction. The end-result will be regenerated, stronger and healthier hair from the roots to the tips.

Ion Plus Technology

Ion Plus Technology constantly emits up to 80% more ions than any other ionic system. This technology allows you to fully enjoy the health consequences of a constant high emission of natural negative ions, which neutralize frizz and promote hair regeneration, resulting in a shinier and healthier appearance. The system is immediately activated as soon as the straightener is switched on, you will be able to hear a pleasant purring caused by the high quantity of ions emitted.


Long- lasting AC Motor

GAMA’s Italian Design hair dryer AC motor is perfect for all those looking for performance and long lifecycle, specially designed for continuous, repeated and prolonged use. Made from lightweight and durable materials that last for over 2000 hours, its internal cone is specially designed to keep the motor clean by preventing the entry of hair and limiting the risk of engine failure.

Ultra Light DC Motor

Developed with the lightest materials, the DC motor guarantees reliability and performance in an ultra-light hairdryer. Its unique design with direct current flow and smaller size allows for a lightweight, yet powerful motor perfect for everyday home use hairdryers. Get the professional experience at home and style your hair without getting your arms tired.

Halogen Technology

The innovative Halogen Technology combines the traditional hair dryers’ heating technologies with a halogen lamp, adding Infra-Red Radiation, which has multiple health benefits for your hair and scalp. This technology allows for a very gentle heat emission that will penetrate the scalp, improving its microcirculation, oxygenation and cell development, strengthening the hair roots for a healthier overall hair and scalp.

System-C Technology

System-C is a unique GAMA patented system that ensures a longer lifecycle and the users total safety when working with a hair dryer for prolonged periods. It guarantees consistent performance, maximum power and energy saving by controlling the temperature, airflow and energy absorbed, adapting them to the actual hair dryer’s condition and the hair’s needs. Moreover, the technology will immediately turn off the device, should the internal cone of the hair dryer become obstructed, protecting the user and increasing the hairdryer’s lifecycle by avoiding harmful and dangerous thermal stress.

Tecnology Ozone Ion

«PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016» winner in the category “Beauty”. GAMA Ozone-Ion’s technology acts as a strong antibacterial and anti-mycotic agent that purifies the hair and scalp. Physical and chemical lab tests showed that most microorganisms originally present in the hair had almost completely disappeared after exposure to the technology. It provides two very important benefits to your hair: anti-ageing effect and reconstruction. The end-result will be regenerated, stronger and healthier hair from the roots to the tips.

Oxy Active Technology

Enjoy the multiple benefits of this state-of-the-art hair-care technology that emits Active Oxygen, which acts like a potent anti-bacterialprotecting the scalp and hair from the harmful action of external agents-like UV rays & atmospheric pollutants while also sealing the hair cuticles and allowing a longer duration of color treatments. The technology neutralizes the negative effects of the combined action of ammonia and oxygen used to color hair, which can over time, alter its structure opening the hair cuticles and allowing free radicals to damage the hair. The end-result is healthy, shiny, elastic hair with a deep cleansing of the scalp


Instant Heat Technology

The innovative “Instant Heat Technology” revolutionized the world of styling, thanks to a state-of-the-art patented heating element that reaches the working temperature in 14.3 secondskeeping it constant and uniform as long as the hair straightener or curling iron are turned on, and with an extremely homogeneous distribution of heat over the entire surface of the heating plates and tubes. IHT technology makes GAMA Professional hair straighteners and curling Irons the fastest in the world to reach the working temperature and be capable of keeping temperature constant. The result is that your hair will no longer experience any thermal stress caused by changes in temperature. Pass after pass, the result will be always the same.


Nano Silver Technology

The Nano particles that cover the hair straightener’s heating plates have a powerful antibacterial action that purifies the plates, preventing the impurities and bacteria from affecting the hair and helping to restore its natural beauty and shine with every use.

Micro Glitt

Keratin is a key ingredient in the hair’s molecular structure, 80% of your hair is made of keratin, its main function is to give the hair its elasticity and resistance. Unfortunately, exposure to the environmental stressors, chemical & mechanical processes can lead to a significant loss of keratin in your hair. This will result in in dull, opaque and easily breakable porous hair. GAMA Professional’s innovative Micro Glitt tackles this problem by protecting your hair’s natural keratinnourishing the hair fibers, giving it life, eliminating frizz, and making your hair appear strong and bright.


Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is also a source of negative ions when heated. This produces Far Infra-Red Heat, which has an anti-frizz effect on the hair, helps maintain its natural moisture and aids to repair the hair at the molecular level, by closing the hair cuticles and restoring the hair fibers. By using Tourmaline coated heating plates and tubes of the straighteners and curling irons leave your hair healthier, softer, shinier and silkier.


The ceramic-covered heating plates & tubes are able to transmit high temperatures in a quick and steady fashion, taking care of your hair’s health by preventing the damage normally caused by thermal stress. At the same time, the coating emits negative ions, which have anti-frizz properties and help create a perfect, long-lasting styling while also helping to prevent the damage caused by thermal stress.


Titanium is an ultra-light material, with super high mechanic and corrosion resistance, that also has the property of evenly distributing heat through its surface. These properties make it extra durable, even when exposed to extremely high temperatures and acids. The titanium-covered heating plates & tubes make the straighteners and curling irons ultra-light, easy to handle and extra durable, while also being exceptionally gentle on your hair.